Sreekumar Natarajan

Escape to Alabama

Oh Father, please take me safely back home. Please let me not hurt any one on the way,  let me not shoot my brother, my enemies or even those who is trying to kill me. I have done terrible thing, I repent for those lives I destroyed, those women I widowed. Oh Father in heaven, I beg you to give me a safe passage home. I want to lie down on my mother’s bed because I believe that is the only place I will find peace. Yes father I seek thee to deliver me peace, I have this terrible feeling that something is not right in my mind. I loose my thoughts, I can’t remember things. I don’t want a doctors to reveal the bad news, because I submit myself unto thee to show me thy kingdom.  Don’t let my brother shoot me from behind at the Greyhound station, nor let him stab me in my sleep. Protect me father all through this journey, until I reach my mother’s house in Alabama.